Saturday, December 6, 2008

Breeze through life

Since I'm new to this blog thing, I figured I would give a whirlwind overview of our life since marriage:

June 2003: Got married & living in Pocatello, Idaho
December 2003: Dana got Associate degree in Criminal Justice
May 2005: Zac got Bachelors in Creative Writing & Philosophy
September 2005: Moved to Spokane Washington for school
May 2007: Zac got Masters degree in Creative Writing/poetry
May 2008: Dana got Bachelors degree in Nursing
May 2008: Zac & Dana moved to Meridian, ID & bought 1st house
June 2008: We've been married for 5 years. It's gone by so fast!
June 2008: Zac becomes web programmer for NW Nazarene
June 2008: Dana passes board exam= Registered Nurse
August 2008: Dana becomes Nurse for Meridian School District