Saturday, February 28, 2009

Consignment/Antique Shops

I am now officially in love with consignment/antique shops. My husband just randomly decided that we should go check out this little consignment shop out in Eagle. We really weren't expecting to find anything. However, we found 2 awesome items. We found a dining room table 30% off, $245 after discount. We have spent a lot of time shopping around for dining room tables and have been floored by the cost. So, we were excited to get this for such an amazing price. We now have the fun task of hunting for chairs to match. We like the hunt!

We also bought a refinished antique black dresser. It is fabulous!!! We have also been shopping around for a bedroom set but were not willing to pay the insane prices that the furniture stores are asking. Well, we bought this amazing dresser for $189. The dressers in the sets we were looking at were always around $500-$600 so I really do feel like we go this dresser for a great price. We also have the task of finding a bed and nightstands to match. Again, we like the hunt!

In addition, both pieces are unique. They aren't something you are going to find in other people's homes.

Yay for inexpensive and unique furniture!!

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