Sunday, February 22, 2009

This week at Albertsons

Well, this week was confusing. I told people I would do a step by step guide about what I did for this sale, but I feel it would be too confusing. But, here are the highlights.

If you buy 10 qualifying items you get a $10 catalina (coupon) at the end to use on your next purchase. So, your first purchase ends up being more expensive. After that, you buy 10 qualifying items again, use the first $10 coupon that you got and the machine spits out another. You can keep doing this until your little heart is content.

My first transactions was:

10 progresso soups @ $1.50 each. However, I had coupons that gave me $0.50 off of each can making my progresso soups $1.00 each. That in itself is a good deal! So, I spent about $10 and got my $10.00 catalina.

I did several other different purchases after that all in groups of 10, all using manufacturers coupons. For example, after all coupons, I got boxes of Chex granola bars for $0.90 a box, bags of chex for free, boxes of cereal for $1.16 a box, etc.

I went back last night and bought 10 packages of cake mix (for my mother). The total was $12.50 (plus tax) and I had a $10.00 coupon from above purchases, making the total $3.25. And, of course I got my $10.00 catalina again.

I then turned around and bought 10 packages of Pillsbury Grands Biscuits which were on sale for $1.25 (good price as is). I had coupons (on the can) that gave me $0.30 off of 3 (there were better coupons out there but I couldn't get my hands on many) and another one that gave me $0.50 on 2. So, total price $12.50 (plus tax) minus $1.10 in coupons and minus the $10.00 catalina = about $2.00 for 10 cans of grands biscuits!!!! Part of me wants to go get more because they are such a good deal, but what would I do with them all!!! Rumor has it these freeze just fine.

Albertsons also had store coupons in their ad that made chips $0.97 cents a bag. I have gone back several times to buy more because the coupon limits you to 2. I now have 6 bags of chips hanging out in my pantry. They also had coupons in their ad for $1.99 blackberries. I have been craving good fruit and these were amazing!!

So, all in all, I spent $44.16 and saved $130.48. I also bought several extra items that weren't couponed or part of the catalina sale.

If anyone wants to buy any biscuits or cake mixes (or anything else), just let me know. I can do it for you and save you from having to make that initial purchase to get your $10.00 catalina.

Happy shopping!

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