Monday, March 9, 2009

Coupon Chaos

So, this is something that Kimber blogged about awhile back and it has been so helpful. I was just clipping coupons from everywhere and throwing them in a little coupon carrier with dividers that said restaurant, grocery, toiletries, etc. This was all find and dandy until I ended with so many coupons that I couldn't keep track of them. It also wasn't helpful when someone would tell me what date the coupon was in the paper and I had to hunt through hundreds of clipped coupons.

Kimber said that she keeps all of the coupons in tact--in the insert they came in --and puts the date with permanent marker on the top and puts them in a binder, in date order. I started doing this 2 weeks ago. I am slowly going to phase out all of my clipped coupons as I use them and as they expire and strictly go to this fabulous binder idea.

It is helping me keep my coupon sanity.

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