Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Free Madness Complete

Zac and I went to Cabellas this morning and each got a free $10 gift card as we walked in the door. Zac found a sleeping bag that was $80, on sale for $50 and then used the $20 in gift cards. So, we got an $80 sleeping bag for $30. These are the days when he's happy I'm so frugal!

We then went over to the mall and got the free tank top from Aeropostale. The one here only had mediums and extra larges so I ended up getting the extra large. Oh well! I assume it will shrink. I also found some really nice khakis there for work for $16.99 each. I was thrilled!!

All in all, my shopping trip today was a success!


  1. Thanks Kasey. I was truly beginning to think no one ever read my blog. Haha! I'm still certain they don't.