Saturday, September 12, 2009

29 Weeks

Strangely, it appears I got smaller this week. The girls must have shifted positions...please be heads down!!! I just got done doing water aerobics which to my surprise turned out to be a decent work out and the weightlessness felt amazing. Getting out was another story. I felt like I'd gained a TON!

Zac and I went to a yard sale (mom of twins) this morning and were able to find a play mat, 2 vibrating seats, and a twin nursing pillow. We got a great price on all of it!!! I am soooo excited about the twin nursing pillow. I've been drooling over them online but just couldn't bring myself to pay $50 for one. The one at this yardsale was $8! We snatched that one up fast!

This is what babygaga has to say about the girls and their development this week.

8 weeks left....

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  1. Hey! Great blog. I will love reading all about your last few weeks of pregnancy and then what will hopefully will become a Mommy (and Daddy) Blog. Great Pics.

    I'll be reading!