Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another November 10th Update

Addison and Olivia are now both off of oxygen!!!! They are now co-bedded. Look how darn cute they are!!! Addison started breastfeeding at noon today and she is a breastfeeding champ.


  1. Too cotton pickin cute!!! That's how they shouldve been all along... The co-bedded thing!-theyve been that cute all along :) YAY and WAHOO and YIPEE for all their improvements!
    God is good all the time and all the time God is good :)
    Praises! Praises!

  2. Dana...that is completely awesome! brought me to tears when i saw them in the bed together. That is how they are supposed to be! C-sections are hard, i have had 2, but let me tell you, it gets easier..just keep walking, keep up on the medication (ibuprofin seemed to help me as much as any of the strong stuff). prayers are with your sweet family.

  3. HURRAY!!!!!!

    I knew they would perk up soon! Keep up the good work, Mom...I chuckled a little because Meg was so jaundiced, and her gramma had made her this beautiful bright yellow going home outfit....so she went home our very all over yellow bundle....hat, blanket, onesie, skin, eyes, feet, toes,.......It was awesome!

    So happy for you two! Hang in there...journey is well on its way now!


    Sue P.

  4. They look so adorable together, and I'm so glad they are doing so much better! So happy to hear that! Congrats on your beautiful girls, they are perfect! :)

  5. They are absolutely Beautiful!

  6. They're both so beautiful! Yeah glad they're doing so much better! happy for you guys! hope your felling better! Your one strong mama! take care!