Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11th Update

Addison is breastfeeding well. Was up every 3 hours last night breastfeeding her and pumping after. Milk will definitely not be an issue!

When I went in this morning, they had taken out Addison's feeding tube. Olivia started breastfeeding this morning and did really well. They start on time restrictions though. Now Addison can go as long as she wants and by tonight Olivia will be allowed to do the same. Olivia's feeding tube is scheduled to come out tonight. Last night while holding them both, it all hit me. I just started crying tears of joy. One year ago, Zac and I were wondering if we'd ever be able to have children. We'd been told our chances would be slim to none and that we needed to use modern medicine. Today, I'm holding 2 beautiful girls. They are our little miracles and we have truly been blessed to get 2 beautiful little angels.

Both still are getting dextrose solution through their IVs. We are starting to wean that off as they start to eat. They are also both still receiving antibiotics which will be done tomorrow.

They are both still jaundice but the doctor is not concerned yet. They are more than likely jaundiced because they aren't pooping regularly. Doctor is confident that after a few days of breastfeeding their pooping will become regular and the jaundice will decrease.

So, I really think we will be out of here by Monday or maybe even sooner. That all depends on us getting them off of the IV dextrose and resolving the pooping/jaundice.

My mom got to hold them today for an extended period of time. This was really the first time she's cuddled and loved on them. It was precious and I definitely think grandma likes them and is okay with me keeping them. : ) My mom picked out some little outfits from home. It's cute to see them in their little matching outfits. I will take some pictures and post them later today.

My pain levels are a bit better today. Even though I'm exhausted, I feel fairly good. I usually start to feel the pain worse toward the end of the night but the morning is definitely starting off better.

Well, those are the updates for now. Thanks again everyone for your continued prayers. God is good!!


  1. So good to hear the continued positive updates! What a blessing that they are taking so easily to nursing. Thanks for sharing the wave of emotion you had last night. It is a crazy love isn't it? Being a mom is just simply incredible. I once had a friend tell me that being a mom is the biggest joy you will ever experience and something you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy all at the same time. Ha!

  2. I am so glad for your continued and in depth updates. Keep them coming.

    And get as much sleep as you can!

  3. Praise God! We are hoping things will continue going well. We are anxious to see them!
    love, Grandma

  4. So glad to hear how well things are going. Praise the Lord! Love you and can't wait to see all of you. Aunt Donna