Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 6th Update

The girls were previously underneath the oxygen hood. Today (November 6th) they were able to switch them both over to a nasal canula. They are tolerating that well. They are currently remaining stable on 1 liter of oxygen. Prayers that it stays that way because if they require an increase they will have to be transferred to a different hospital. They are both still grunting tons as a reflex effort to get the fluid out and open up the little air sacs inside the lungs. The nice thing about switching their oxygen to nasal canula though is that we can hold them. There's this really awesome shirt that the lactation consultant has that mimics a kangaroo pouch. We were able to tuck both girls into the shirt. It was so fabulous to get to hold them for the first time. As I reclined in the seat and felt the weight of 15 lbs worth of baby I couldn't believe I had been carrying that much weight in my belly!!!

Both girls are still being fed through an IV. Right now they just aren't strong enough to breathe and suck and swallow. So, we are lessening the work load by letting them just focus on breathing.

Today has been really overwhelming for me. I am feeling really guilty for choosing to have them early--really feeling like I singlehandedly did this to them. I have to keep reminding myself that all of this is more than likely due to the C-section not early delivery. Fluid in the lungs is fairly common in C-section births as they don't have the pressure from the birth canal to push the fluid out.

I think all the pain medication from the spinal block has worn off as I'm in tons of pain. I was also up and on my feet nearly all day. You all know, it takes a lot to hold me down. I need to get a good night's sleep and get some pain meds built up in my system and hopefully will be feeling like a new person by Saturday morning.


  1. Dana, don't be hard on yourself, these things happen. The girls look great! Don't over do it there - walk some, but rest more. You'll need your strength for when they come home. In no time they'll be there in their gorgeous nursery! Congratulations - you did good!

  2. Donna (wannabubba#4)November 7, 2009 at 9:03 AM

    Just popped over from B&B to see how you are all doing, babies are beautiful and you are doing so well -dont be so hard on yourself.

    well done Donna xx (wannabubba4)

  3. That is a beautiful picture. I love how they are on your chest and so content. You are doing great and so will the girls. They are already proving that they are going to be fine.
    Love you tons. Hugs and kisses

  4. Hi Dana,

    I am so proud of you because you are a wonderful mom! No one can love her babies more than you do. They are big and beautiful. I will keep sending warm thought your way.

    Sue P.

  5. I also love this picture, im so glad you are able to hold them both. They will both be fine, especially with you as their mother. hope all is well today!

  6. Hey!
    I had no idea you had a blog! yay!!
    Don't you dare be hard on your self! You carried twins to full term that is amazing, and they're both healthy and beautiful, a miracle in it self! You and Zack are both strong parents and your girls are too!! :)
    Love this picture of you and the girls! Stay focused on the positive, everything is going to be fine!

  7. honey.. you did the right thing! The girls are strong like their mom and all will bve fine! Brought tears to my eyes to see the photo of u with the girls xxxx Tanya

  8. That picture is beautiful! I will continue to send prayers your way! :)

  9. Dana & Zac you have done wonderful. The girls are a great size for twins and you carried to full term. The girls probably would have had these fluid issues even if you would have waited the few extra days so don't blame yourself. You did awesome! I'm so proud of you. The girls are gorgeous and I adore the photo of the two on your chest, so happy and content. You'll have them both in your arms full time in no time at all. Prayers and hugs....Pat