Sunday, November 8, 2009

November 8th Update

Today we were able to get Olivia and Addison's oxygen down to 1/2 a liter. It was previously on 1 liter. This is a fabulously HUGE step! The nurse also said that both girls slept soundly through the night with very little fussing. This is huge for Addison. She's been really restless which makes her breathing harder and faster and uses way more energy than she has available to her right now.

Olivia did have a drop in blood sugar but that's easily corrected. When babies are using so much energy to breathe it frequently can cause their blood sugars to drop. As things get easier for them blood sugar levels will get more and more stable.

Zac and I got to change their diapers today. Seems silly to be excited over a diaper change but this is really the first real parenthood task we've been able to do.

Zac and I went to the NICU for a bit this evening just to touch base with the new nurse on shift and Olivia was restless. The nurse had spent quite a bit of time trying to console her with no success. She thought maybe me holding her would calm her down. Worked like a charm! I sat in a recliner and the 2 of us fell asleep for about an hour. She was wide mouthed and smacking her lips as soon as I got her in my arms. She wants some boob! Ha! We are able to do this with Olivia because her breathing is stable enough that she can be swaddled, allowing her to be out of the heat lamp. Addison still needs to be uncovered so they can see her lung movement which means she has to stay under the heat lamp.

Both girls were looking so good today. We are hopeful that tomorrow we can get them some colostrum (which I pumped) through their nasogastric tube. Small chance (fingers crossed) that we can get Olivia to breast tomorrow as well. Today is day 3 and my milk still hasn't come in. Huge prayers that it comes in soon. I will be starting some herbs tomorrow if it doesn't come in on it's own.

I have mostly been talking about the recovery of the girls. But, I tell you what, this C-section thing is NOT fun!! I am not recovering nearly quickly or smoothly as I'd expected. Basic body functions (pee and poop) are really not working like they should yet. My fascia (the layer of skin that holds your bowel back) is so stretched out that my intestines stick out. You can see them moving from the outside. What if that fascia never goes back to normal!!?!?! Girdle...HERE I COME! I am in a lot pain still and still requiring more pain medication than I'd care to be on. I'm severely anemic so I'm getting dizzy a lot. I was never swollen during pregnancy but am now fluid filled everywhere. I now call my toes sausage toes. They look like little sausages.

Well, I'm exhausted. Time for bed.


  1. They are looking and getting better and better :)
    I love the pic of you and Zac...all glasses out and grinning like you'll never stop :)
    YAY for diaper changing-it is a funny joy but a joy none the less! (I remember changing a neice or nephew newborn, it is strangly rewarding!)

  2. you and they are sounding soo much better! Hope things keep moving up! U guys looks so gorgeous together. what beautiful girls!! xx Tanya

  3. Hey there..Try drinking a Guinness to help your milk come in, even just a half of one..Beer is really good for that, and I have never had my milk come in so fast as when I had one after having a baby! Glad to see they are improving!!
    Anne from B&B

  4. You sound soooo much better! (Sorry you're struggling after the c-section) I was fotunate I guess. The girls are coming along awesomely! God is good! Prayers will continue for your little family but the best advice I can give you is the same the dr's have given for the girls. Don't overdo. It will take twice as long to recover. And I second the idea of the beer for the milk coming in. Love ya Pat

  5. To hear that the girls are doing better is a great way to start a Monday! Please take care of yourselves too....your journey into parenthood is just beginning! Thoughts and prayers are continuing!

    Sue P.

  6. Glad to hear your little ones are making some good progress. The pictures are absolutely precious. Hope you start healing a bit too. Try to get plenty of rest so you will be ready to go as soon as the girls are!

    Sending you and Zac my love....

    - Codi

  7. Zac, Dana -
    Hang in there! We are praying for you. Those NICU doctors and nurses are miracle workers. Our oldest needed oxygen as well. Hard for the moment, but good later! The girls are beautiful!
    The Berggren's

  8. I'm happy to hear the girls are making progress, and I'm sure you will be too! Feel better.

  9. Zac & Dana!
    Hey, Pastor Phil here! The girls are truly a miracle of God for you, and are beautiful! I wanted to let you know that your friends here at the Family of Faith in Pocatelo are praying for you all regularly and, personally, you've been in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that God will continue to give you the strength, as I know He will! He has blessed you mightily! Trust Him, and continue to lean on your family and friends for extra strength!