Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9th Update

Today is a hard day for me physically. I've been in a lot of pain. Day 4 and still in this much pain? Shocked!

Got to hold Addison last night. Got up to take some milk to the NICU to freeze and she was fussy. Holding her calmed her right down. Both girls are officially stable enough that when they are fussy I hold them. Both smack their lips and spit out their pacifier immediately. Girls are anxious for some breastfeeding, as am I. This pumping thing is for the birds.

We did start feeding the girls breastmilk through their nasogastric tube. They sure are loving full bellies!! Finally started getting a fair amount of milk today. Still only able to pump what they are eating. I would like to get caught up and get some frozen so I can be away from the hospital for extended periods of time. Right now I'm not getting enough milk to do full feedings so we are supplementing with formula.

I discharged today and got moved into a different room for families with NICU babies. I'll be staying there most nights. I'm at home now. Going to shower and rest for a bit. It's just not right to leave the hospital without babies. I know they are in great hands though. The nurses in the NICU are amazing!

Oh yeah, Zac spent most of the morning with the girls holding each of them. They love daddy and calm down right away with him too. They are now opening their eyes as soon as they hear our voice and start to cry when we walk away. : ) I love it! Makes me finally feel like these girls NEED me.

Have a great night everyone! Thanks for all of your prayers.


  1. We are praising GOD, Dana and Zac! You and the girls continue to be our prayers. Greg and Nancy

  2. I'm sorry you are in so mch pain. :( But yes your baby girls need you and Zac soooo much and it's it so deeply satisfying to know that only you and Zac are the ones that can settle them down. I'm so thrilled to hear that you and Zac now get to hold them on a regular basis. Continue to heal, rest and drink tons and tons of water. It not helps you recover but it helps so much with your milk productions. You continue to be an amazing mother....hugs Pat

  3. Oh and thanks for the photos, they are gorgeous and keep posting them. Your pictures bring back so many of my memories and make me smile. God Bless...Pat

  4. See the girls are strong :) I am so happy that you are getting to spend more time with them since they are showing vast improvements! I hope you get some rest and I will continue to pray for your recovery and well as Zac and the girls :)
    Loves XOXO

  5. Dana, sounds like the girls are doing much better...great news! Thanks for keeping us updated. Don't worry - the pain will subside. Take the medicine they give you - it helps you relax and gives your body a chance to heal without fighting the pain, too.
    Take care!

  6. I am so glad to hear they are doing better! I think of you each day and hope that you start to heal faster and the pain will subside. I know what a c-section is like so make sure you are staying on top of the pain. If you try to fight through it sometimes it just makes it harder and longer to heal. You are in my prayers! :)

  7. great news on the progress.. sorry you are in so much pain.. hope the milk starts flowing soon. take care of u. xx Tanya

  8. Your girls are so precious. You are an amazing Mommy already. I'm really proud of you. So sorry for all the pain emotionally and physically that you have to endure right now. You are in a special place right now and Shawn and I are praying for you. Much love, Melissa.