Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Picture--November 11th Update

Not much to update. Both girls are breastfeeding well. Their jaundice numbers are improving thanks to some pooping. The funniest thing---bear in mind my husband had only changed 1 diaper prior to having our own babies. Zac went in to change Addison's diaper and apparently it was quite the pile of poo. He got her a clean diaper and started cleaning her and every time he cleaned her bottom she would poop again. It was hysterical!! He walked past my mom in the hallway and said, "Are you going to see my poopy girls?" It was just too funny.

Here's the latest picture from today. That tube you see in Olivia's nose should come out in 30 minutes. Both their faces will then be tube free. WAHOO!!


  1. YIPPEE!!!!!!! And they are so beautiful! Nothing like c-section babies to have beautiful rounds heads too, no cone heads for these girls! They have the cutest little noses and look so heavenly and satisfied lying next to each other. Gorgeous I tell you, absolutely gorgeous! I hope you are feel better also today. I'll check in again tomorrow. Hugs Pat And way to go Dad to hang in there while changing the diaper. That was a pretty cute story!

  2. Hey, are they identical? They sure look it. Pat