Friday, December 4, 2009

Dear Addison

Dear Addison,

Thank you for the amazing laughs you gave mom and dad last night. You have taught dad a good lesson. He now knows to wear his glasses while doing midnight diaper changes so he doesn't have to hold his face so close to your bum to see what he's doing. You showed him the consequence by farting and pooping on his face.

We sure do love you,

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  1. When Zac posted on FB that Addison had pooped all over the county: 1-he failed to mention the face (oh my!) 2-I could hear your laugh when I read his post :)
    You should make "love books" for the girls of these things and days so when they're mommies one day (way out there) they'll know the fun of parenting and will have your handwritten "love notes"... Just a thought...