Thursday, December 17, 2009

Environmental Footprint


My motivation to do cloth diapers was solely monetary. However, after going through weeks of taking the trash out daily filled with diapers, my motivation has changed. Don't get me wrong, it's the money part that will keep me motivated when I'm sick of doing the laundry. But, I am thrilled that I am doing my part to reduce the amount of nasty diapers that are sitting in a landfill. I know many people argue that cloth diapers are not any more "green" than disposables because of the energy costs in washing and drying them. I have an energy efficient front load washing machine and I choose to air dry them. I'm certain I'm not making as much of a dent in the environment as I would using disposables.
Plus, they are sooo cute!!!


  1. I have pics like that! almost 4 years of cloth diapering and I am CERTAIN that cloth is truly greener since I just did the math and *if* I had changed my kids who I cloth diapers only 7 times a day (and we all know that number is higher many days) I would have used at least 8942 disposable diapers! WHOA! Tell me my 15 cloth diapers aren't greener!

  2. I took a cloth diapering workshop when I was trying to decide how to diaper my baby to be. (OMG I'm almost 34 weeks!!!) Funny, my initial reasoning was primarily the environment - but now that I may not be working for a while its become money too. But here are some numbers for Canada... You've got two - so double everything!

    7200 diaper changes from birth to potty
    Keep 1 TON of garbage per child out of the landfill
    4 million diapers thrown away EVERYDAY in Canada (keep in mind we've only got 31 million people here)
    2 - 3 extra laundry loads per week
    Zero extra trips to the store for diapers
    children learn to use the potty earlier
    $3000 for flushable/compostable diapers
    3300 to diaper in disposables
    3500 - 4000 for diper service for three years
    $450 - $1500 to diaper in cloth
    Less than $15 per month to launder diapers at home.

    You are definitely making a dent.

  3. Yay! That is amazing! I am also thinking of going cloth whenever Tony and I decide to have babies. So it's good to know that you are doing it right from the get-go!!