Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First Restaurant Adventure

Zac and I decided that we needed to feel like real people and get out of the house. A coworker gave us a gift card to Applebees. We successfully made it all the way through dinner with the girls still sleeping. We had a very enjoyable meal. This gave us the confidence that we can still do normal things, even with 2 infants! We were only confronted by 1 stranger with the normal onslaught of questions which include:

1. Are they twins? (any ideas for smartass comments back would be greatly appreciated)
2. How old are they?
3. Are they identical?
4. Whose side of the family do they run on?
5. Are they your first?
6. Are they your last?

It's always the same questions....even when I was pregnant with them. People are always so curious and fascinated by twins.


  1. Okay, here goes:

    1. Are they twins? No. We cloned them.

    2. How old are they? In Benjamin Button years about 80.
    3. Are they identical? I got nothin' here. I wil think.

    4. Whose side of the family do they run on? Well, both sides had babies...

    5. Are they your first? Yes and second.

    6. Are they your last? Yes, and next to last.

  2. I've had to deal with though's same questions my whole life and still get it when they find out i am a twin! it will never end, people are always so amazed with twins! But some people just don't know when to just say nothing or keep it a a complement! :)
    Glad you guys got out!

  3. I am proud of you guys for getting out! ...don't you love awesome co-workers that help to encourage us to keep on keeping on even when times change :)
    K- my answers for the questions...love Kimber's too by the way!!! :)
    Twins-"uh NO, one is mine and one is his"
    How Old-"old enough to know to sleep so we can have quality time together:)"
    Identical-"are you identical to your sibling? ...of course not-they're individuals"
    Side-"both of us:)"
    First-"not sure which one was, they're both #1 to us"
    Last-"well I'll be danged if I want to go through that again!"
    Just thoughts-

  4. 1. Are they twins? No, they were just born on the same day.

    2. How old are they? Olivia is 1 month and Addison is 1 year.
    3. Are they identical? yes, can't you tell?

    4. Whose side of the family do they run on? hmmm...they don't run yet...they're babies.

    5. Are they your first? Nope, the sextuplets are at home.

    6. Are they your last? No way, we are hoping to get a reality show!

    I love that you are enjoying yourself! Every morning I wake up and am amazed at how lucky I am to have been blessed with my twins!
    Take care!