Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We're Starving

I had a doctor's appointment today so Zac had to feed the girls breastmilk with bottles. When I came home this is what I saw!


  1. Yeah...Go Daddy Zac!!!
    Nice job Addi too :) ...finally got the hang of it from starving...and they're on the wrong sides from what they're used to so- I love how Liv is turned to the "normal" side :)
    Proud of you all!!!

  2. Hey, those are such good pics! Good to keep informed like this! We missed you here at New Year's family gathering but were glad and thankful to be with you a week ago. Larry and Ronda and girls will be leaving on Sunday. Bob will be taking them to Salt Lake to get on the plane there. We have had a good visit. Love You, Grandma