Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2 Month Well Baby Check

Addison is now 11 lbs 9 oz which puts her in the 70th percentile (up from 39th percentile 1 month ago). Olivia is now 10 lbs 12 oz, 48th percentile (up from 14th percentile one month ago). Olivia is 1 1/8 inch longer than Addison. She was the shorter of the 2 at birth. So, apparently the boob is doing them both well. We always joke that Addison is growing wide and Olivia is growing long. : ) Doctor was very pleased with their growth and development to this point.

They got one shot today, DTAP and oral Rotavirus vaccine. Addison did well with the shot but Olivia was certain we were trying to kill her. We will do some more vaccines in one month. We are splitting them up so we aren't giving so many at one time. This will require several extra office visits but I think it's worth it.

Doctor says at this point there is no reason that they shouldn't be able to go 5-6 hours between feeds at night so that is something we will definitely be working on. This would make mom a happy camper!

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  1. yaye for sleeping through the night. babehs, you can do it!