Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Kia Saga

About 6 months ago our Kia decided to poop out. We were quoted about $1000 for a new engine which we promptly decided was not worth it. However, my darling brother (Darren) found an engine (with only 19,000 miles on it) for $350 and installed it. Voila! Near new car. Oh, but bear in mind the car only had 60,000 miles on it anyway.

Well, Monday, the car broke down again. Darren came and looked at it. Lo and behold, the damn engine is bad AGAIN!! What the h**l!

It now appears we are in the market for a new used car. We have decided on a late 90s Honda Civic. Zac went and looked at one last night that I'm fairly certain we are going to buy. We're going tonight to look again and probably purchase. It's got new tires, new timing belt and is immaculately clean (always hard to come by in a car this age). It also only has 110,000 miles which I'm told by most that this is "just breaking in a Honda".

On that note, I have an immobile Kia for sale (and 2 dead engines). Buy 1 get 1 free special!!

Here are pics of our probable car:

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