Monday, May 17, 2010

Addy's Catching Up

Last night, Addy finally decided to roll over. And she keeps rolling over....and over....and over....

Can't keep that girl on her back. She rolls right to her belly and then gets mad and yells at us to put her back onto her back only to roll on her belly again.

It's cute.

Olivia doesn't like solids. The girl just wants the boob. I can't put oatmeal and veggies into Addy's mouth fast enough. Spit up peas is not lovely. And solid poop is not lovely either....

3 more weeks until summer break!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My little angels turned 6 months this past week. Crazy how fast they grow up! Here are the stats:

Addison: 16 lbs 5 oz and 26.13 inches long
Olivia: 18 lbs 13 oz and 27.5 inches long

Addison lost weight this past month but the doctor isn't concerned because she grew a lot in length. Olivia is rolling over consistently. Addison could still care less. The doctor said if Addison doesn't roll over in the next month, we will be referred to physical therapy. I'm not worried yet. All other gross and fine motor skills are emerging right on schedule! Both love to stand with a little help. They love the johnny jumper and the exersaucer. They love their bumbos. They both love to giggle and love to smile.

We started solids for a few days when they were 4 months but promptly gave that up when we discovered it was bothering Addy's tummy. We have resumed this week. The girls are doing well.

Still cloth diapering. Still breastfeeding (with no plans to stop anytime soon).

I only have 4 more weeks of work left until summer break!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Fat Babies in a Tub!

We had a friend take some pics of the girls yesterday. She's still editing them. But, she sent us 1 as a sneak peak. I can't wait to see the others!!