Saturday, June 12, 2010

Weight Update

So, the girls got some vaccines yesterday and I had the doctor's office weigh the girls.

Olivia= 21 lbs or 97th percentile
Addison= 18.5 lbs or 76th percentile

The infant snap in car seats only hold up to 22 lbs so it looks like we are now in the market for new carseats. Shocking really as I was certain these would last until they were around a year!!

The girls are now sleeping in their own cribs and have been for about 3 weeks now! It's great. No more kicking each other and waking each other up.

I am officially on summer break and have spent the last 2 weekdays home with the girls! I'm looking forward to the summer with them. Now, if the weather would finally turn summerish so we could go for walks, that would be most appreciated!!


  1. Your girls are beautiful. Sorry you have to buy new seats so soon though. I'm also waiting for the sun to come out here. Today is looking pretty good so we are picnicing in the park later on. She loves, loves, loves to be outside.

  2. Sounds like they are still doing well. They are so precious but I am partial! Great Grandma

  3. Zac, Lucky you to have the summer off. If you think carseats are expensive.... just wait until they are teenagers! They want a car to go with the seat :) Enjoy your time. Laura @ NNU