Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Part I--16 Months

Box from Costco. Even came with the divider!
Cow print cloth diaper!

Daddy brought home firehats.

Apparently, the novelty wore off quickly.

February--15 Months

First really nice day this winter! Went for a walk and played off trail.

Who knew rocks could be so much fun!?
For you!

Bath time!

It appears she's squatting but I promise, she's not peeing or pooping in the tub.

Reading stories in the tub.

Sporting my new shoes!

Came in to get her from her nap and she had taken her shirt off.

Amy came to visit!

January--14 Months

Sleeping baby yoga!
Coloring and carb loading with goldfish. Coloring is hard work!

The laundry basket bobsled team.

The first week of only 1 nap instead of 2. She fell asleep on the way to daycare.

Crawling into drawers!

Found sticky "sign here" notes.

Sick baby. Falling asleep on the floor.

Pooping baby!

Sick baby! Falling asleep on the floor again!

Sick baby. Falling asleep on dad while hugging her phone.

December--13 Months

This is the first time the girls had played in the snow. They weren't quite sure what to think!!
The girls love to sit in this tupperware container. One of these days they aren't going to fit!

On our way to Aunt Donna's for Christmas!

Got my poodle backpack and my Nalgene and I'm ready to go on an adventure!

November--12 Months

I am trying to go back and update photos from 12 months to now. I have been BAD about updates! Life has gotten crazy but seems to be settling down....for now. Enjoy all the pics!