Monday, June 13, 2011

We Love Vacation

Things change when you are on vacation. I'm sure that quite a few parents let their children do things on vacation that wouldn't happen otherwise. We haven't really changed our routine with the kids, but we have been surprised by some of their behaviors.

First, Olivia eats vegetables on vacation. At home, we have trouble getting Liv to eat anything outside the animal kingdom, but on vacation she's eaten blueberries, cucumber, and asparagus.

Second, Addison really, really, really loves balls. Beach balls. Balloons. Any round object that may look like a ball is a ball.

Third, Olivia is much more of a dare-devil than we thought. After warming up to swimming with me in the pool, she quickly found out how to jump into the water from a shallow underwater step. We spent a good hour getting tired.

Fourth, naps are the best.

Here are a few pics of Addy and Liv swimming on vacation.

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