Sunday, April 24, 2011

Addison Bubbles

Olivia played with the bubbles before this for a while but of course once I starting recording it, she was totally uninterested. Addy, however, was totally digging it, even with the video.

17 Months

Sporting the sunglasses from grandma.

Loving the sunshine!!

It's been so wonderful to have nice weather to play outside.

Easter tricycles.

Aunt Donna came to visit! She looks a lot like my mom. I'm fairly certain the girls thought it was grandma. lol.

Olive fingers. She thought this was fabulous. Aunt Donna taught her!

The girls doing up the high chair straps.

Chili face!

Easter Sunday

Grandma getting Addison's dress all tied.


Addison with her treasures.

Olivia with Easter eggs in her pockets.
This little egg was a "prize egg". We went to redeem and it was a marshmallow kabob. It was basically a peep on a stick. YUCK!

Addison's 1st Haircut

Olivia had her first hair cut (bang trim) in November. I have had to trim her bangs twice since then. Addison's first hair cut was last weekend. Thanks Aunt Donna!! The pictures aren't the best because I was taking pictures with my cell phone while having Addison on my lap.

Spring Break!

Play date at Planet Kid with coworker's daughter. Suzie is 1 day older than the girls.

I found a FABULOUS deal on a hotel in McCall. We went up for 1 night and it was a great mini vacation!

Olivia sleeping on our way to McCall. Naptime was short---30 minutes. Turns out mountain curves are bad for toddler naps in the car! Look at that sleepy pouty lip....

It amazes me they can sleep in this position. Her ouchy neck!!
I unpack some things and come back to this. Addy loving the toilet paper. I nearly packed the toilet paper in my suitcase home because I was embarrassed to leave it for the housekeeper. Not pictured here: Olivia pulling the Kleenexes 1 by 1 out of the Kleenex dispenser.

Walking to dinner. Zac tried to give Olivia a piggy back ride but she was NOT A FAN. Addy, however, LOVED IT!!

Cloth swimming diapers. For me, these double as bathing suites at least until we're swimming outside and need the suits for sun safety.

Look at this chubby baby!!

Jacuzzi fun!

Swimming is exhausting. So, when we were done we ate some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that came with our hotel stay.

Sleeping on the way home. This time they actually napped! They were so tuckered out the curves didn't bother them.

16 Months Part II

We bought potty seats. They are still too young for them yet but still thought I'd let them try it out......well, sit on it.

Apparently, food tastes better once it's on her head for a little while.

Looking like toddlers!
Look at the mess these girls can create!

Playing with beans!
She loves to play with beans!

Hhhmmm.....web programmer in the making??

The only BMW they will EVER own!