Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Belated 20 Months

 At the park.

 Building a tower--I think this is with Kiki.

 I'm hiding under the books.

 Graham cracker balancing act

 Picking blueberries.

 Climbing---Olivia top.  Addison bottom. 

 Splash pad with our friend Bailey.

 Reading a book with Uncle Sam. 


 Professional mess makers!

 Make yourself comfortable, darling. 

 High chair raises down the hallway. 

 Told you she loves to wear her shorts on her head!

 Books with grandma.

 Getting eggs from Suzi's chicken coup.  We picked apricots that day too!

Playing piano with our friend Scarlet. 

A Belated 19 Months

 We love flip flops.

 Running through the sprinklers.  Olivia top.  Addison bottom. 

 Charming the camera.

 Piano playing

 I really like sleeping baby pics!  Olivia top.  Addison bottom. 

 With "Papa"

 Big "Papa" shoes to fill.

 We love putting on big shoes!


 We played at the park a ton this summer.  They have an awesome splashpad.  The girls love it!!  

 At the zoo with friends.

Potato head glasses at the running shoe store. 

A Belated 18 Months

I'm a little behind on the blog updates.  But, here's some pictures from 18 months.

 Pig Tails!!

 Olivia loves to put shorts on her head and watch where she's going through the leg hole.

 Addy--so tired in the car.

 Sleep, clingy baby but this mama still had to get stuff done.  So, in a sling you go baby girl.

 Apparently, I really like sleeping pictures of Addy.  : )

 Aunt Donna fixed my hair this morning!


 Yes, she can see.  This girl (Olivia) loves HATS!

Addy--Isn't this hat darling!?  We didn't end up buying it though.