Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2.5 Years Old


We were walking through Lowe's when I turned around and noticed that the girls had stopped.  This is what we saw.  Sprinkler heads make great microphones!

She looks so tiny on the potty.

Sidewalk chalk-Addison.

Sidewalk chalk-Olivia (she loves hats).


  1. good girl go pee pee

  2. good girl go pee pee then I am going to give you your treat, just sit like that and open your mouth if daddy hasn't taught you to suck c--k yet I am going to while I finger fuck your tight little pussy, watch that man juice drip out your mouth , and off your chin, then I want to take off your tiny little soft cotton panties, wrap them around my hard on and have you jerk me off in them, loaded with cum I put them back on you and pull them up nice and tight then rub my juice deeeeeeep in your pussy