Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2.5 Years Old


We were walking through Lowe's when I turned around and noticed that the girls had stopped.  This is what we saw.  Sprinkler heads make great microphones!

She looks so tiny on the potty.

Sidewalk chalk-Addison.

Sidewalk chalk-Olivia (she loves hats).

29 Months

Easter baskets.

Sick baby going through her Easter basket.


Driving to Aunt Donna's for Easter.

Sick baby at Aunt Donna's for Easter.

Monopoly pieces shoved into a wiffle ball.  Thanks, Olive.


She loves this giant dog.

Drive home from Easter.  Skipped nap and fell asleep in 2 minutes.


28 Months

Love this bag that a coworker made us!

Seriously, fits my child.

New babies from grandma.

Must buckle baby in.

Putting up our new beds and side rails.

Looking beautiful.

How darling am I!?

Feeding the geese.

The geese are loving us!

Growing up too fast.

She ran up and hugged him.  Liv wanted nothing to do with him.

Say cheese!

Best friends.

27 Months


Lego tower

Valentines heart colors for our friends at daycare.

My first attempt at this style.


"All of them" hair ties.

Cat in the hat.  aka. "Talala"

Great Papa.

26 Months

Easel from great grandma for Christmas.

Boxes are often more fun than the gifts themselves.

Infected sty baby.  So sad.

Thrift store shopping.  We did not take this home. 






Playground in winter!

Slide in winter!

25 Months

Eating a bell pepper like an apple. Without clothes on as always.

Our first Christmas Program.

Putting on our jingle bells for the Christmas Program.

Thrilled about stickers.

Not thrilled about stickers.

Santa is in there!

Addy's first Santa encounter.  Liv wouldn't have anything to do with him.

Gingerbread house.

Liv put on her own diaper.

Christmas at Grandma's house.

Uh..did I mention that we heart Starbucks?

4 wheelers from Aunt Amy.